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Packaging Materials


Packaging material play an important role in storage, marketing, transportation activities of a product. Amongst these packaging materials the most common form is packaging bags. We are a leading supplier of various kinds of bags required for the purpose of packaging, gifting, mailing, etc.

We also manufacture customised bags for special kind of requirements. In case the list of the bags, we offer does not meet the packaging requirement of your product please contact us.

Labels / Stickers

We offer various kinds of Labels & Tags to our clients, which cater to the needs of various industries in the market. Our labels and tags are available in various printing styles and attractive colors, which clearly depict the features of the products they are used for. These labels and tags are made by using the best raw material including printing ink, plastic, cloth etc. We further conduct various quality checks on our products to find out that they are made as per industry standards before they are sent to the clients.

Blister Packs

Blister pack is a term for several types of pre-formed plastic packaging used for small consumer goods.

The two primary components of a blister pack are a pre-formed plastic blister and a printed paperboard card which has a heat-seal coating. Some packs use a foil, plastic or laminated material to bond to the pre-formed blister. Blister packaging is an inexpensive option for creating packages that are durable, transparent, and tamper proof. These clear plastic blister packs are used in conjunction with a cardboard blister card to keep the product in full view for the customer to examine.

The blister packaging is attached to the blister card through a heat-sealing process that allows the product to be displayed in a wide variety of methods. While this heat sealing process can be done with highly automated equipment, the use of blister packs is somewhat limited to light weight items.

We provide blister pack solutions for the below industries:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Toys and games
  • Food Industry
  • Lightweight household products like knifes, scissors, gas lighters etc
  • Electrical Equipments

Material For Tying & Bundling

Material for tying and bundling consists of two components:

  • Material for Tying : This includes threads, straps or bands which is required to surround the product which has to be packed.
  • Clips : These clips are required to hold the tying material and lock it in a way so that the packaging can become fail proof.


Bottles serve as a very important instrument for packaging various kinds of liquids like oil, drinks, water, syrups, milk, liquor, wine, chemical products, cosmetic products etc. Salunkhe packaging takes a liberty to place. itself amongst the leading suppliers of bottles and related products.


Salunkhe Packaging has attained expertise in the supply of different kinds of pallets for various business requirements. We also extend our assistance to various companies to find out the most suitable type of pallet for their production and transportation needs.

Most of the pallets manufactured by us are reusable or recyclable. These pallets are available in different sizes for optimum use and least amount of wastage.


Metal cans are one of the best ways to protect food and beverages. It is a way of preserving food and beverage in which the product is locked in a metal container and thus can be preserved from any outside agents including air and moisture.

Cans is most widely used for beverage packaging specially aerated drinks and beer. The reason is the property of air tight packaging as well as because these metal cans are easier to chill than plastic and glass bottles. Metal cans can also be used to pack products like seasonal fruits and vegetables, purees, condensed milk, ready to eat cereals like beans etc.

We offer Metal cans in various capacities and types. We provide with and without print cans available in aluminum and tin material.

We also provide cans with newly developed technology on your request. To know more about these. technologies, please contact us through email.

Aluminum Foils

As aluminum foil acts as a complete barrier to light and oxygen (which cause fats to oxidise or become rancid), odours and flavors, moisture, and bacteria, it is used extensively in food and pharmaceutical packaging. Aluminum foil is used to aseptic packaging for drinks and dairy products which enables storage without refrigeration. Aluminum foil laminates are also used to package many other oxygen or moisture sensitive foods, in the form of pouches, sachets and tubes, and as tamper evident closures. Aluminum foil containers and trays are used to bake pies and to pack takeaway meals, ready snacks and long life pet foods.

We are supplier of aluminum foils for all kinds of uses and requirements.

Caps and Closures

We offer a wide range of crown caps, lids, plastic caps, wine bottle stoppers and corks, which are available in different specifications as per the exact packaging demands at client's end. The products are designed for optimum performance and offer complete durability and high functional efficiency for long term use. We offer the above mentioned closures in different material like plastic, tin, aluminum, copper etc.


Wine cork stopper is the only sealing material, which allows wine to "live" and mature in the bottle. Wine cork. stopper are available in different varieties that are Natural wine cork stopper, Agglomerated wine cork stopper, Fine Grain Agglomerated wine cork stopper, and Technical 1+1 wine cork stopper. Wine corks are made from specially selected corkwood, which is cut into shape, carefully inspected for flaws, washed, sterilized, and printed.


Pouches are ideal way of packaging all kinds of products in small quantities. These are widely used all around the globe for packaging food products. We offer many kinds of pouches which are suitable for all kinds of products. These can be used with all kinds of packaging machines. They possess high quality laminated material and excellent printing effect. These are suitable and certified for all kinds of food packaging including frozen food packaging.

Cartons, Boxes & Containers

Our company has various boxes, cases and containers to meet all the kinds of packaging and transportation requirements. We would be pleased to develop a new kind of product to meet your specific business requirement. Just send the details of the product you want to transport and the we will get back to you with the best possible solution.

Protective Packaging Products

wide range of protective packaging materials and systems address the requirements of a multitude of industries. Whether your need is surface protection, cushioning, blocking and bracing, or void fill packaging, we can provide the following:

  • The right packaging materials for your operation.
  • Ideal packaging systems and recommendations on integration with other packing and material handling. equipment.
  • An analysis of the cost savings and intangible benefits.
  • The best training and service support in the industry.

Disposable Cups, Trays, Plates

We are a leading supplier for cups, trays, plates for all kinds of packaging requirements for food and beverage. sector. All the products are disposable products and are meant for one time use. These are certified for usage. in food products. Most of the products are recyclable and environment friendly.

Shrink Packaging Films

We are a leading supplier and distributor of shrink films of all kinds. All the types of shrink films are available in various sizes, colors and prints.

Industrial Tape

We offer a wide assortment of adhesive tapes comprising of double sided tissue tapes, aluminum foil tapes, floor/ lane marking tapes, general purpose masking tapes, surface protection tapes, duck tapes, kapton tapes, cross/mono filament tapes, sealing tapes, B.O.P.P self adhesive tapes, single & double sided foam/ cloth/ polyester tapes and specialty/ industrial tapes. Every tape is stringently tested at manufacturers' premises so that we deliver a gamut of assured quality. The tapes are specifically designed to meet the needs of diverse. industrial applications.

Vacuum Packaging Machines

Salunkhe Packaging private limited is a also a manufacturer and exporter of thermoplastic elastomers, thermoplastic vulcanizates, thermoplastic rubber, thermoplastic olefins, nano engineering alloys, PVC blends, modifiers, and XLPE compounds. Our products are known for their superior quality and international standards. The products that we offer are used in various industrial applications such as Automotive, Wire and Cables, Footwear, Packaging, Medical and Home Appliance Industries.